Food markets and shopping

There are no shops in Mercadiol, but the general store in St Julien can supply most of your daily needs, and there is a choice of supermarkets in the nearby towns of Gourdon, Souillac and Sarlat, offering a wide range of goods, including local wines; most also have clothes.

Local shops
St Julien provides for most basic needs (bank, boulangerie, cafe-pizzeria, butcher and an excellent pharmacy. The boulangerie is closed Wed and Sun pm.
Masclat also has a small general store/depot de pain (closed Tues and Sun pm). In addition to bread and croissants, the shop sells a small selection of fresh vegetables as well as tins of this and that.
Carlux over the river has a small general store and a bakery.

Shopping hours
Almost all smaller shops close for lunch. Some supermarkets in Sarlat, Gourdon and Souillac close on Sundays (except in high season when they open in the morning).

Saturday: Sarlat’s (21 km) main market of the week snakes along the medieval streets in the centre of town; it’s good for fresh produce and artisanal foods, as well as clothing and tourist knick-knacks. This is a great food market experience summer or winter and not to be missed._DSC2681
Gourdon’s main market (13 km) is held in the car park by the Post Office. It operates year-round and has high quality fruit and vegetables and specialist stalls.
Martel and Puy L’Eveque also have Saturday morning markets.
Sunday: Fajoles (6 km) operates only in high season (Jun to Sept) selling fresh local produce, honey, cut flowers, sometimes accompanied by music (and sangria!).
Cazals (34 km) has a general market with food, clothes and bric-a-brac. Combine a visit to this market with a trip to the nearby village of Les Arques for lunch at La Récreation.
Caviac (7 km) on the opposite side of the river, just off the Sarlat road, a small market but good range of produce.
Daglan (26 km) has a small friendly Sunday morning market with a loyal following.
Monday: Les Eyzies-de-Tayac (44 km) This small town is the local centre of prehistory and it has a lively market square with tourist shops.
Tuesday: Gourdon has a small market in the cinema carpark.
Salviac, (26 km, via Gourdon) has a small food market on Tuesdays.
Wednesday: Sarlat (21 km) not as hectic as Saturdays.
Payrac (14 km) in summer, a good, small local farmers’ market offering vegetables, meat, cheese, bread and wine.
Thursday: St Julien de Lampon (4 km) This is the closest all-year market to La Vieille Grange and sells local vegetables, local cheeses,artisan  bread, charcuterie and sometimes has a fish-seller._DSC2663
Gourdon has a marché du producteurs on summer mornings held in the square opposite the cathedral and Mairie.
Domme also has a Thursday morning market.
Friday: Souillac’s main weekly food market is held in and around the market square near the abbey and belfry. It runs all year round. This is a great experience and has first-class produce in a historic setting.
Prayssac’s main market in the Lot valley operates throughout the year. About an hour’s drive from La Vieille Grange (via Cazals) this a lively market that has lots of specialist produce including honey, prunes and Quercy melons in season.

Intermarché: 3 kms out of town centre on Fumel road; it has petrol and the shopping centre has a pharmacy, sports clothing shop, café and hardware shop. (hardware).
Carrefour 4 kms out on the same road also has petrol (and car wash) and is improving its range; it also has an ‘English’ aisle for delicacies such as Frank Cooper’s Oxford marmalade and shortbread biscuits.
Lidl: (opposite Carrefour) the cut-price/ limited range shopping option but good for basics, including meat and inexpensive wines.
Leader Price: 2 km from town on the same road is another discount supermarket.
Casino: in town (Ave Gambetta, near the station with a car park behind as well as in front) is a small basic supermarket.
For special treats it’s hard to beat cakes, macaroons and desserts from Patisserie Llorca at 7 Allée de la Republique (opp Café Divan).

Sarlat: the world-famous gourmet paradise, has markets on Wednesday and Saturday

The medieval centre of Sarlat offers some of the best shopping in south-west France, with a wide range of specialist food shops, stylish clothing boutiques, bookshops and galleries. It’s an experience that’s not to be missed but prepare your visit—in high season it gets extremely busy and you need to know where to park and go early.
E. Leclerc: 4 km from the town centre is a large and busy supermarket.
Casino: on the Bergerac road; it has underground parking (cool in summer) and a good range of wines.
Carrefour: on the Perigueux road (north of the town centre); there are some specialty shops in the complex but this is not the best shopping in the area.
In central Sarlat, the shops and cafes on Ave de la Republique are well worth a visit. If you need a new hunting knife, a shirt or love macaroons you’ll find something here.

E. Leclerc: is one of the best local supermarkets; it has a wide range of fresh foods and household goods well as basic clothing, a large wine selection and cheap petrol.
Casino: quite small but is sometimes open when others are closed.
Lidl: on the main road. It is popular for specials and cheap alcohol.
Halle des Producteurs (opposite E.Leclerc): an open-air market hall owned by local farmers selling fruit and vegetables, bread and traditional cakes (walnut eg), as well as local wine and cheeses. Usually the quality and prices are pretty good and all the produce is locally sourced.
Souillac also has produce shops in the Rue de la Halle near the market hall with regional specialities of foie gras, charcuterie and liqueurs.



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