Our everyday market, La Halle de Cougnac

It’s certainly fun to go to a local market, and there is a good choice within easy reach of La Vieille Grange — St Julian de Lampon (Thursday), Souillac (Friday) and Gourdon and the ever popular Sarlat market (Saturday) as well as summer markets in Fajoles (Sunday) and Payrac (Wednesday). And we buy at all when we are in Mercadiol. But we are also great fans of the farm producers outlet at Cougnac, on the outskirts of Gourdon on the Sarlat Road (D704).

On offer under one roof is a range of produce similar to what you will find at a market, and maybe more. On our last visit we bought just-harvested carrots, radishes, asparagus and lettuce; duck sausages; delicious walnut slice (we buy this each visit!); and wine. There is also a range of jams, honey and condiments, eggs, yoghurts, juice, escargots, terrines, meat, cheeses, bread and local wines and artisan beer. And, like any market, it is best to go early. By the afternoon, the asparagus may be gone, and the bread, and remnants only remaining of the walnut slice. Prices are sometimes a little higher than the supermarket, but the freshness and quality is high, and reliable. A visit here is highly recommended. We are hooked!

La Halle de Cougnac 3 km from Gourdon on the Sarlat Road (D704). Hours: Monday to Thursday 9–12.30, 3–6.30; Friday and Saturday 9–6.30 (no closure for lunch); Sunday 9–12 July and August only)